Tyler Kirk Branson

“Tennessee Avenue Christian Academy provided me with an educational foundation that has impacted me for a lifetime. The staff and educators afforded me opportunities to discover, learn, and bring together knowledge in a way that was exciting and relatable to real-life circumstances. The most valuable part of my educational experience at Tennessee Avenue was the integration of faith within the classroom. Tennessee Avenue’s leadership and staff realize the importance of Christian principles in all aspects of a student’s educational journey. This was true for me throughout my involvement within the school. From the moment I was enrolled in their Pre-K program, all the way through my senior year when I was part of the school’s first graduating class in 2011, faith and education have gone hand in hand. Tennessee Avenue has been committed over the years to providing a quality educational experience, delivering an enriching social experience, and offering extracurricular activities to its students that will mold them to become their best in all facets of society. I am a proud Crusader and have continued to see the advantages I received through my education there.”


Since his time as a student at Tennessee Avenue Christian Academy, Tyler has gone on to become a National Recruiter for Liberty University, the world’s largest Christian University, located in Lynchburg, Virginia. As a National Recruiter, he has the privilege of traveling and speaking around the country recruiting quality student applicants for the university. Before joining the National Recruitment team, Tyler served in a variety of leadership roles within student organizations on campus, participated in degree-focused internships, and was involved in nationally recognized organizations. He currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in marketing, from Liberty and is continuing his education through their Master’s in Business Administration program.


Parent: Amber Clark

Hi! I am Amber Clark. We currently have 2 children enrolled at TACA, Zacharie is in the 10th grade and Emma is in the 5th. This is our 5th year at the Academy and we just love it! As a family, we felt strongly that it needed to be a priority to ensure that our children received a Christ-centered education. Our world is straying farther and farther from the truth and we want to equip them to face the challenges ahead.

At Tennessee Avenue Christian Academy, we have found a school where Christ is first and our children are instructed how to live a moral and Godly life. Yes, they get that at home, too.... but, can you really have "enough" or "too much" Biblical teaching? No! Of course not! 

Academics and Sports are also a focus, as well as the Forward Drama Ministry, which is an enormous blessing!  The teachers are our family and will make your child feel loved.  Other students and their parents are our family. We are truly brothers and sisters of the King!  Let me say it one more time.... Christ is the primary focus of the TACA Crusader family, and that is why we are here! We are raising soldiers for the Kingdom of God!